Montreal Spots Where The Habs Hang Out

So you can 'accidentally' bump into them.
Montreal Spots Where The Habs Hang Out

If you're from Montreal, you most probably enjoy hockey and believe that we have the best team in the world (because we do!). You may or may not have already randomly bumped into one of the players, which was probably the most significant highlight of your existence.

It's totally understandable though - our boys will make anyone's heart skip a beat even if they're not hockey fans. So here's a list of Montreal spots where Montreal Canadiens have been spotted doing regular human things like eating, walking and hanging out... so you know where to "accidentally" run into them. You're welcome.

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Sven Andrighetto at Rosalie

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P.K. Subban at Flyjin

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Brendan Gallagher at Jatoba

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Andrei Markov at XS Tattoo & Piercing

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Carey Price at Sportium

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Alex Galchenyuk at Terrasses Bonsecours

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The boys cruising around Montreal downtown

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Tomas Plekanec at Montreal Trudeau Airport

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Subban and Price at the Bell Centre, of course

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