Montreal Spotted: All Of Your Anonymous Crushes Revealed (Vol. 2)

Making eye contact with a babe? too shy to admit it or go over and give them your number? Yeah, we know that feeling. Revealing your crushes just got a whole lot easier. Montreal's a big city, and big cities come with intimidating people. Here at MTL Blog, we recognize that.

The next time you spot a babe, let us know at and we'll post it here. We'll promise never to reveal your identity.

SPOTTED: Rainbows

To the guy with the rainbow striped hat at Square Victoria metro on Tuesday at 4 PM: maybe you just like rainbows, or maybe you're flying my flag? If it's the latter, I was the blonde guy in blue coat that kept eyeing you and I think you look like a fantastic time.

SPOTTED: Blue Eyes

Cutie on the 121 at around 5ish everyday with the bright blue eyes, eyebrow piercing and gorgeous smile. You always get off one stop before me but if you smile at me next time, I'd love to get off at your stop and walk you the rest of the way home. #notacreep


To the guy always smoking up behind the faubourg building at Concordia. Dude, if you're not going to share then don't smoke near the open door while I'm trying to study. Sharing is caring man.

SPOTTED: Muzique

2 am outside Muzique on Saturday. Leggings, thigh high boots, red lips and that body. Girl I don't know where you been hiding but if you need someone to get you through the cold nights, hit me up.


Tall, big brown eyes and a sexy Boston accent. Saw you on parc avenue Monday around 11 PM. I was walking a little behind you in a great coat and red hair - I don't know if you're just visiting or if you're here for school, but if you need a tour guide, I'm your girl!

SPOTTED: Casa Del Popolo

To the modern incarnation of Robert Plant and David Crosby’s lovechild (I mean this completely as a compliment) rocking out after opening the show at Casa Del Popolo last friday. Your hair, chops, and moustache are rad and you’re sexy. Your music was pretty awesome too. I was there to see another band but I definitely want to see you and all your 70’s style glory again. See you at the next show

SPOTTED: Original Gangsters

To the OG's that hang around Namur metro. Y'all are kinda scary. Care cracking a smile every so often? Also, your silver tooth is soooo fake.

SPOTTED: Iced Coffee

Tim Horton's cashier on CSL x Cavendish road- do you not understand the difference between an ice cap and an iced coffee???

SPOTTED: Bar Tenders

I'm a McGill student looking for a job in the service bar tending industry. I've tried applying at bars downtown many times. To all the bar managers on Crescent and St. Laurent, stop being such creeps. All I want is a job, and all you ever look at are my tits.

SPOTTED: Twoodles

Young couple that's always at two dollar chow mein on Thursday nights (after Tokyo, I'm assuming). Eat and get out. No one wants to see you guys eating each other's faces all the time. Get a room.

Recognize yourself? Wanna let someone know they were spotted? Email and let us know!

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