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Top 10 Montreal Spring Food Festivals

Get hungry.
Top 10 Montreal Spring Food Festivals

Spring is a time of revivals, and that also extends to the culinary world, as fruits, vegetables, and new flavours come into bloom with the dawn of the new season.

And while there are plenty of delicious ways to celebrate the spring food season in your own kitchen, there's no better way to enjoy the flavours of the season than through a festival. We are in Montreal, after all, and festivals are what we do.

So to help you eat super well all throughout spring, we've compiled some of the season's best food festivals. Get hungry and get excited.

Relâche Gourmande

When: Ongoing 'til March 13th

Here's one for the parents, because during Relâche Gourmande certain Montreal restaurants are giving 50% to all kids under the age of 12. For those who don't have children, MTLCuisine, the organizers of Relâche Gourmande, are also putting on "Printemps Gourmands," where eight different restaurants are offering menus at reduced prices. Unfortunately, we could only find the Yelp event page for Printemps Gourmands, so apologies if it isn't official.

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Montreal Mac & Cheese Week

When: Ongoing 'til March 13th

Over 20 different Montreal restaurants are celebrating the much-loved dish known as macaroni and cheese, and while the festival is coming to close, you still have the rest of the week to get in on all the cheesy goodness.

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Expo Manger Santé Vivre Vert 2016

When: March 11-13

Taking over Palais des Congrès, this food festival is all about healthy eating, and the many ways you can achieve that lifestyle goal. Vegans will be pleased to hear that many of the vendors will be purveying edibles fit for their diet, too. A definite must-attend-this-weekend for healthy food lovers.

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La Cabane Panache et Bois rond

When: March 18-20

Entering its sixth year, La Cabane Panache et Bois rond is a veritable "sugar shack festival" held along Promenade Wellington in Verdun. Free to enter, you can expect all things maple-y to be housed within the festival's grounds, including live entertainment and games.

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Sugaring-Off Time At Jardin Botanique

When: Ongoing 'til April 28

In case you needed more maple in your life during sugar shack season, Montreal's Botanical Garden will offer you a sweet escape close to the city until the end of April. The event, dubbed "Sugaring-Off Time," will be equal parts educational and delicious, as you can learn about how maple is made in trees while enjoying some delectable maple treats.

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La Fête du Croissant

When: April 30

Otherwise known as the "$1 Croissant Festival," the reason why you need to hit up this one-day croissant jamboree is all in the nickname, because how amazing does a dollar croissant from some of Montreal's best bakeries sound? I don't think I need to answer that question, because you know the answer. (Hint: it's "super amazing")

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Festival du Bacon

When: May 21-22

Okay, so technically this isn't a "Montreal" food festival, since it's happening outside of the city, but come one, it's a festival centered on bacon so we pretty much had to include it on this list. No doubt most of you will be wiling to venture outside of the city's limits for this food fest, because bacon.

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Lobster Clam Jam 4

When: May 22

Who doesn't love lobster? Nobody, that's who, and on May 22nd, an ode to all things lobsterrific will be held along the banks of the Lachine Canal. 40 different Montreal restaurants will be setting up shop at the event, giving you plenty to eat, drink, and nibble on, along with tons of lobster dishes to enjoy, of course.

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First Fridays

When: Every first Friday of the month (May-October)

Growing into a summer tradition in Montreal, "First Fridays" is the monthly food truck festival held at the Olympic Stadium every month from May to October. While no official news has dropped stating First Fridays will be back for this Spring and Summer, we do know that food trucks will definitely be hitting the streets again this year, so this event is all but a guarantee.

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Montreal BeerFest

When: June 8-12

Despite being all about beer, anyone who's attended the Festival Mondial de la bière knows there's a strong food-focus to the annual event. You do need something to eat up while drinking all that amazing beer, of course.

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