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Montreal Starbucks Locations To Start Serving Alcohol At Night?

You didn't know that this was what you've always wanted until just now.
Montreal Starbucks Locations To Start Serving Alcohol At Night?

Starbucks has announced that, over the next few years, they will be expanding their evening drinks menu into thousands of stores and we can't wait. Paying $7 for wine at Starbucks, rather than coffee, makes a lot more sense to us.

Right now, about 40 stores in urban areas of Chicago, Seattle, Portland, LA and Atlanta have this elusive evening menu which includes quite a few wine options (available by the glass or bottle!), as well as bacon-wrapped dates, truffle mac & cheese, parmesan-crusted chicken skewers and various flatbreads.

We have no doubt that Montreal Starbucks locations will soon see their own evening menu and you know what that means - your new daily schedule is as follows: leave work/school, go to Starbucks for 5 a 7 (or 5 a 10?), then hit up one of your favorite bars or clubs. It just might become the perfect cocktail hour spot for Montrealers, especially because, if anyone asks (a curious parent or significant other, maybe) you'rejust at Starbucks.

 Would you go and "drink" at Starbucks?

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