Montreal STM Bus Drivers Are Getting Caught Driving Drunk

You've all suspected it at least once before.
Montreal STM Bus Drivers Are Getting Caught Driving Drunk

Have you ever been waiting around for a bus that just never shows up?

You probably got angry and asked your self: "Where the hell is this driver".

Well now you know, he was probably out getting shit faced.

It turns out that every year, several STM bus employees get busted for being under the influence of drugs and alcohol while on the job.

At least 46 have been caught in the last 5 years and 14 employees were suspended or fired for failing drug and alcohol tests.

The solution according to the STM is to do more testing.

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The STM can test any employee that appears to be impaired or any employee involved in an accident.

But what's annoying is the fact that in 2014, 6 employees tested positive for drugs or alcohol but only 4 of them were actually sanctioned.

The president of the syndicat des employés à l’entretien Luc St-Hilaire claims that these tests are an invasion of privacy. He says it isn't fair because the drugs only last a short while but traces stay in your blood for several days and what the employee do on the weekend is their business.

I think Mr. St-Hilaire might be smoking crack, because that's the dumbest thing any one has ever said.

I don't know about you, but I don't want my bus drivers smoking crystal meth on the weekends even if he'll be sober by Monday morning.

And I know some people will say it's not worth freaking out about because the stats aren't that high. But the truth is that is unacceptable on any level. These are city employees and you're putting your lives and the lives of your children in their hands. It isn't unreasonable to ask them to be sober when they're doing it.

Maybe I'm the crazy one.

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