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Your Monthly STM OPUS Card Is Going To Cost You More Money

The inevitable has happened, everyone: STM prices are going up.

After a solid year-and-a-half without an increase, the STM announced a "fare adjustment" yesterday, outlining the new price structure for all passes and ticket-packages that will begin at the start of July.

Yes, you read that right, STM fares are increasing, but only for certain deals. Most ticket-packages and passes will see an increase, but one-trip, two-trip, one-day, three-day, and unlimited evening fares will remain unchanged.

Don't get too riled up, though, as prices are only increasing about a dollar for each type of pass. To further comfort you, the STM notes this is the "smallest change in fares since 1998," so you probably won't even notice the difference. Emphasis on "probably."

Also of note is the fact that the Unlimited Weekend Pass will now be a slightly better deal. Responding to STM-riders requests, the STM will be extending the duration of the Weekend Pass, now beginning at 4pm on Friday instead of 6pm.

Below you'll find the new prices for STM passes according to the latest fare adjustment, which will go into effect July 1st. Prices have been separated into two groups, "Full Price" for all of y'all who don't enjoy STM discounts and "Reduced Price" for students and seniors.

Full Price

  • Monthly Pass: $83
  • Weekly Pass: $25.75
  • 10-Ticket Pass: $27
  • Weekend Pass: $13.75

Reduced Price

  • 4-Month Pass: $197
  • Monthly Pass: $49.75
  • Weekly Pass: $15.75
  • 10-Ticket Pass: $16.50

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