Montreal STM's Blue Line Is Finally Getting Extended

Finally we can all get home!
Montreal STM's Blue Line Is Finally Getting Extended

There have long been complaints that Montreal's STM system does not reach enough of the city. The island is huge and so many people don't have access to the metro.

Is that fair? Hell no!

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Updates to the blue line have been in discussion since 1979. So, I'd say it's about time to get started. And apparently, finally, they are! The proposed extension includes five new stations that extend all the way to Anjou.

Quebec Transport Minister André Fortin said that the extension will be "one of the next major announcements" of the Couillard government. So, that is definitely promising. On top of that, at the first annual meeting in January, he said that the government has an "unwavering commitment" to the project.

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People are getting more and more impatient. Luckily, François Pépin, president of Trajectoire Québec, says that he wants construction to start soon and for it to be finished latest in 2025.

Quebec has a whole bunch of properties on reserve for expropriation along Jean-Talon Street, between Pie-IX and des Galeries d'Anjou boulevards. They can't renew them after April so, looks like time's up. 

Frank Cavaler, a building owner near the reserved sites, says: "We are truly going to find out in April 2018 whether this Metro goes ahead or not". So, looks like the wait is almost over.

Valerie Plante even hinted that the metro would be getting even bigger when she said that we have an "already-saturated Metro system and we must plan for network growth beyond this extension".