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Montreal Stores And Businesses That Are Open/Closed On Victoria Day

Although we love Queen V (especially because we get a day off for her birthday), it is frustrating when you don't know what's open or closed today. Don't fret, with the help of the Montreal Gazette, we've put together a list for you so that you can plan your Victoria Day accordingly. Personally, we're going to sleep in, then hit up a terrace and enjoy the warm weather.


  • All banks in Montreal
  • Federal and provincial government offices, including the post office
  • Montreal municipal court and most city offices
  • Olympic Sport Centre
  • Pointe a Calliere Museum


  • All of your favorite bars, restaurants, and clubs.
  • Most stores, malls, supermarkets and pharmacies
  • All of the public markets will be open
  • Montreal buses will be running on Saturday or Sunday schedules, depending on the line. For more information, go here.
  • The metro will be running on their holiday schedule.
  • Laval and Longeuil buses will be running on their Saturday schedules.
  • AMT Trains will run on holiday schedules. For more information, go here.
  • Montreal community areas such as arenas, indoor swimming pools, libraries and community centers.
  • Parking meters and parking restrictions (boo!)
  • Most SAQ outlets will be open, unless they're located inside a mall which is closed.

Oh and Starbucks so you can still get your Grande Soy Latte with 1 pump hazelnut. ;)

There you have it, folks! Have a great Victoria Day!

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