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Montreal Stories To Watch In 2014

A lot of changes are coming to the city in the new year.
Montreal Stories To Watch In 2014

Journal Metro is looking ahead in 2014 and calling out the largest news stories pay attention to. These guys know their stuff, and their many predictions will definitely be major news stories throughout 2014. For your ease in reading, here are is the condensed version of what Metro believes will be the biggest breaking news in 2014.

  • Environment: The National Energy Board will decide if the Enbridge oil pipeline 9b (which already caused controversy) initiative will remain on course or be reversed; initiatives to improve composting and protecting trees in the city will be reassessed

  • Transportation: New subway cars will be introduced and installed; real-time info on STM buses and more Métrovision screens in stations; improvements on mobile network access in the Orange and Green lines, read all the updates here. 

  • Law: The second trial of Guy Turcotte will begin (read the full story here); largest class action in history against Canada's tobacco companies will conclude in the spring

  • Architecture: The fate of Montreal's heritage buildings (Royal Vic, Hotel-Dieu) will be decided; reflections on the city's urban eyesores and the revitalization of square Saint Laurent

  • Culture:  The fallout out the purchase on the Spectra media group and how it will effect Montreal's biggest festivals; issue of urban spaces for artists being changed into condominiums

  • City: Coderre will introduce a new Inspector General of the City; the city's budget will be reassessed with promise of taxes not being raised

Be sure to follow these stories as the year unfolds and keep up to date on everything Montreal.

Think another news story should be on this list? Got a prediction on one already listed? Tell us so in the comments below!

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