Montreal Street Artist To Take Over New York City This Weekend

Stikki Peaches reps the city in the big apple!

Photo cred - @montrealartista

New York City better get ready for an injection of Montreal street art culture, colour, and style, as one of the city's most acclaimed street artists is taking over the Big Apple this weekend. Stikki Peaches, Montreal's acclaimed urban artist, with the help of Station 16, will be launching a surprise pop up exhibition in New York and will show the cosmopolitan metropolis just how amazing Montreal's art scene truly is.

You've probably seen Stikki Peaches' work all throughout the city, even if you didn't know it was his stuff. Stikki's style, a vibrant cultural mash-up of pop culture and political and historical figures/symbols is hard to miss. No doubt New Yorkers will be taken aback by Stikki Peaches's gritty yet oddly charming works at Station 16's pop up exhibition.

The temporary art gallery is to be set up in SoHo for five days, from September 25th to 29th. Only the new and original work of Stikki Peaches will be on display, the very first solo and international exhibition for the artist and Station 16. A major milestone for the artist and art gallery, but also one for Montreal itself, as the city's artistic influence is beginning to spread well beyond the island.

Any Montrealer in New York for the weekend can't miss this opportunity to see a Montreal street artist praised in another city, and anyone in New York owes it to their inner artistic critic to see Stikki Peaches stuff, as its undoubtedly a far cry from whatever else NYC artist are making. For a little taste of what's in store, check out some exclusive images of the NYC Stikki Peaches exhibition by Station 16 below.

See more of Stikki Peaches stuff at her Tumblr and Facebook pages.

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