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Montreal Street Artists Posts Don't "Fvck Shit Up" Warnings All Over The Montreal Metro

A hilarious new street art series.
Montreal Street Artists Posts Don't "Fvck Shit Up" Warnings All Over The Montreal Metro

Photo cred - Imgur

What we would hope would be common sense has now been plastered on the doors STM metro cars, thanks to one kind citizen who went beyond her/his duty to ensure the safety of public property. That, or they just wanted to be funny. Either way, the stickers have "officially" made it forbidden to fuck shit up on the metro, if you didn't know not to do that anyway.

Posted on reddit (though originally tweeted out in March) the sticker is  part of a larger series of metro-street art. Other Montrealers clamied to have also seen "it is forbidden not to consume" and "it is forbidden to surpass capitalism,"  and others have seen the same sticker elsewhere (pic below), so keep your eyes peeled while in a metro car and you may find one yourself.

Most enjoyable about this little sticker is the French-English translation. "Smashy smash" just seems so much more playful than the intense "fuck shit up." The term also had some Twitter-folk a bit confused when the sticker was tweeted out, so we're not the only ones, though that isn't to say we don't like it.

Post any other warning signs you've seen in the comments below.

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