Montreal Street Gets Special "Bike Box" Zone For Cyclists

Green and white means bikes only.
Montreal Street Gets Special "Bike Box" Zone For Cyclists

Photo Cred - Yves Provencher for Journal Métro

Journal Métro is reporting that one street corner in Montreal has become much safer for cyclists, thanks to the creation of a designated "bike box" area on the intersection, specifically reserved for bikers. If the bike boxes prove effective, the biker-priority area will ideally become a new method of increasing safety for cyclists on the road throughout the city.

The new bike-only zone can now be seen by cyclists and drivers alike on the corner of Molson and Rachel (map). Brightly painted green, with large arrows and bike symbols in white, the intersection now provides clear markings of where cyclists are specifically allowed to turn on the road, which will likely decrease the chance of any on-road accidents.

Last year, the city installed a bike box on the same corner, but due to the harsh conditions of winter, the paint job didn't last through the season. Thermoplastic paint, along with an added layer of epoxy, was used on this attempt, which will hopefully last through the snow, slush, and sleet of winter.

If all goes well, and the designated bike area stays painted on the road, you may see more white and green on other Montreal streets. Valérie De Gagné, spokesperson for the City of Montreal told Metro that the permanence of the bike boxes is a major obstacle, and if the new method works out, other bike boxes may be set up all around Montreal.

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