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Montreal Is Shutting Down The City Until March 1st

37 days of strikes.
Montreal Is Shutting Down The City Until March 1st

You might experience some mild frustration-induced headaches in the next few weeks (five, to be exact) if you're in need of certain services within Montreal, as the city's white collar workers are carrying out a series of strikes that will go on 'til March 1st.

The union comprised of Montreal's white collar workers, known as Syndicat des fonctionnaires municipaux de Montréal (SCFP), are beginning the first batch of strikes today at 10am, carried out in protest against the municipal governments recent actions.

According to the SCFP, the City of Montreal is using too many subcontractors for specific projects/tasks, and has denied the group's plea for higher wages as well as a contract from the city, which the group hasn't had since 2011.

An entirely justified cause, but of course, as with any strike, citizens may be rather inconvenienced throughout the five weeks. That is kind of the point, though.

But don't get too worried. While the strikes will be ongoing until March 1st, it's not like everything will be completely shut down for the 37-day stretch. Instead, certain services will be striking on specific days, which will lead up to a giant general strike on the first of March.

Also note that essential services that white collar workers need to perform under the law (e.g. the fire department) won't be affected by the strikes. The SCFP has said, however, that such workers will not be staying extra hours for overtime.

So what's going to be closed and when? Well, a fair amount of borough-workers will be striking, all on different days. Then there are certain venues and locales in the mix that will be closed, or open with reduced services.

You can read up on who's striking on the SCFP's schedule here, and check out the date for some of the city's more popular spots below.

  • Chalets at Montreal's Grand Parcs: closed February 10th, 25th, and March 1st (Mont-Royal park chalet not include)
  • Espace pour la ville: reduces services at the Biodôme, Botanical Garden, Planetarium, and Insectarium on February 26th and 27th. Closed on March 1st.
  • Municipal Court: closed February 3rd, 11th and March 1st. 775 Gosford Street will stay open.
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