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Montreal Struck By Lightning 180 Times In 30 Minutes

Check out the map of every hit the city took.
Montreal Struck By Lightning 180 Times In 30 Minutes

Montreal had one wild lightning storm last night. I don't think there's a single person in the city that didn't see it and/or hear about it from every person they know. But as it turns out, it's only when you look at the actual number count for lightning strikes that you fully understand just how crazy it was.

According to meteorologist Sean Parker, Montreal was hit 180 times in just half an hour. That's 6 strikes per minute! And if you take a look at his map of the strikes, you can see just how far the storm spread across the city.

One of those strikes even, unfortunately, directly hit a gentleman who was riding his bike near the Botanical Gardens.

In case you missed the best (or worst) parts, here are two crazy videos of Montreal's storm that you absolutely need to see:

Crazy! As cool as the storm was to watch, hopefully it didn't cause the city too much damage.

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