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Montreal Student Protest Labelled Illegal

Here's a photo for the books.
Montreal Student Protest Labelled Illegal

Photo cred - Maxime Deland

Taken during Tuesday's student protests in downtown Montreal, we catalog another "hands up, don't shoot" into an album that's becoming all too familiar. At the same time, we catalog one of the most ironic images to pop out of Montreal in recent history.

A police officer clad in riot gear and "Libre Négo" strike-stickers aims his riot gun point blank at a “red square” student protestor. The cop's stickers protest pension cuts while the student’s red square protests education cuts.

It’s amazing, really. Two protestors, who are worlds apart, captured in one photograph that sums up Montreal's political strife in a way that’s almost poetic.

Tuesday's protest was a response to the Quebec Government's proposed cuts to public spending. With $200-billion dollars in debt looming over La Belle Province, education and funding for tuition are among several programs in line to take a budgetary beat down.

The protests were deemed illegal shortly after they began because of what police say was a lack of proper organization. According to the law, routes must be established in advance before a protest can be legally carried out.

Police report several cruisers were vandalized during the protests and a CIBC bank window was smashed. Altogether, seven people were arrested Tuesday for assault and there have been reports of tear gas and rubber bullets being used.

Here we go again.

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