Montreal Student Records Himself Being Denied The Right To Vote In St. Henri

Is this real life?

Cover photo cred - Kevin Felix Polesello

Quebec's elections office has been actively turning away students and not allowing them to register to vote in the upcoming provincial elections.

Many students throughout Montreal have been rejected from their local elections office, with little to no explanation. One student recorded his conversation with two election officials in St. Henri.

Despite having all the required documentations, lives in Quebec 49 weeks of the year, and is an employed student, he was still rejected for no specific reason. Listen below, starting at 1:15.

The issue lies with "domicile" being made into very fluid term that is to be reinterpreted on a case-by-case basis, with many students being rejected, seemingly because they're just students.

If there is a 'doubt' surrounding a student's residency, they can, and are, being turned down the right to register.

This specific case, and many like it, comes right after the PQ stated how they do not want "the Quebec election be stolen by people from Ontario and the rest of Canada."

Should all students have the right to vote?

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