Montreal Students Do Better In English Schools

CTV's infographic tells us so.
Montreal Students Do Better In English Schools

Photo cred - Lindsay Buckley

Easy there language debaters, we're not trying to inspire some intense ire over here, just pointing out an interesting trend in Montreal's education system. While the number of students in English school programs in Montreal continues to decline, English schools have actually been shown to produce better students, reports CTV.

Over the last 5 years, English schools in Montreal have seen a rate of enrollment drop by 10.9%, losing 12, 399 students, a trend that has been continuously declining since 1977.

Despite the lack of applications for students to attend English school in Montreal, a handy infographic from CTV outlines how English schools are more successful in terms of graduation rates and test scores.

Montreal's two English school boards have an average graduation rate of about 75.7% of students, whereas the city's three French school boards come in a bit lower, at 64.5% (CSMB), 46.4%(CDSM), and 46.2% (CSPI). A South Shore English school board, Riverside School Board, actually had the highest graduation rate (86.3%) in all of Quebec.

In terms of test scores in specific subjects, English school boards rank 9.4% than their French counterparts on average, even scoring higher in French studies, though the programs are likely very different.

But even with higher test scores and graduation rates, English schools continue to close in Montreal. A shame, as it appears that the English system is doing something right, although the higher test scores may be a result from smaller class sizes, thus allowing for more attention to the individual student. Still, perhaps French school boards can learn from their English counterparts, and vice versa.

To see CTV's infographic on Montreal's school boards click here and check out the companion piece on enrollment here. See the graduation statistics from Quebec's education department (for school board graduation stats) click here.

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