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Montreal Students Need Free Rent And Tuition Badly

This is how to get it.

Photo cred - @cocosab7

Tuition and rent are the two major burdens on every student's finances. Combined, the two force students to live of their parents' cash (and never hear the end of it) or take out student loans, which makes post-grad life even more of a sticky financial situation. Student life would be heaven if tuition, rent, and other must-needs were free, and one contest is making that dream a reality.

If you haven't already visited evo, you need to do so! Like we've said before, this student residence is completely pimped out! They've even got a giant transparent bubble outside the Midtown location, filled with what could be your future room. We visited the location ourselves and were completely blown away by their state of the art gym, and huge indoor pool- not to mention they gorgeous and tall building which hold all of this swag.

Evo, Montreal's new student residency, is giving every Montreal student the chance to basically have the best year ever. They've even extended the contest until August 31st, so get on it! By simple entering evo's students-only contest, you stand to win: g

  • FREE tuition for an entire year
  • FREE rent at evo, all year long
  • FREE cellphone package (best used to brag about the above two)
  • FREE Opus card, to get you around the city for a year

With rent, school, cellphone, and travel expenses all taken care of, the Montreal student who wins will be seriously set up for an entire year. You could also be totally independent and not have to rely on your parents for much at all. Calls to your mom and pop for money are never fun, and if you win, they may become a thing of the past.

Most contests like this only benefit the sole winner, but not this one. Evo is throwing some cash-flow to every student who enters, taking $150 off of rent per month, just for entering. Cheaper rent at evo (which is fully equipped with an on-site gym, pool, food services, and study rooms) is reason enough to enter in our humble opinions.

Already ongoing, the contest ends on August 31st at 9pm, so get onentering and registering while you still have the chance. The super-lucky winner will be announced on Sept. 15th, with evo throwing a giant party in celebration, only open to those who entered the contest. Cheaper rent and an invite to an exclusive party, two wins just for entering.

Take a look inside evo, decked out with all things essential to student life here. Enter evo's contest for free tuition and rent right here. Make this school year the cheapest one, ever.

Will you enter?