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Montreal Students Protest Against McGill And Concordia University Administration (Photos)

Montreal university students have been stepping up and speaking out about sexual misconduct and assault within Montreal's university administrations. 

Students at Concordia University were the subject of multiple news stories over the past couple months, all surrounding the misconduct from Concordia professors.

Taking inspiration from Concordia, McGill University was next and had similar tales to tell - but focused on the lack of action taken by the school's administration to combat the problem.

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Today, students from McGill, and Concordia University walked out of class at 2 PM in protest of the respective school administrations, and the actions they've taken in light of these claims - or rather haven't taken. 

Maeve Botham- McGill University Student walking out of class to denounce sexual misconduct on campus

April 11, 2018

I was just at the rally, and there were tons of people there to support the cause... and rightfully so. 

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Leaders of student associations at both schools were on hand giving speeches to the crowd in front of McGill's James Administration Building. 

Connor Spencer, The vice-president of external affairs for the Students' Society of McGill University, noted the importance of the work being done by student associations and students alike amidst the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. 

These students are doing work that will "never go on resumes" notes Connor, as she proclaims that the work being done is "incredibly vital to the survival of many students on this, and other campuses."

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I'd say that Connor hit the nail right on the head here. 

McGill University student body protests the weak administrative response to allegations of sexual assault by professors

April 11, 2018

As more students seem to step forward and show up to show support on this issue, it is well beyond time for the university administrations to step in and act on these issues. 

Connor had said that at least 5 professors have been accused of sexual violence, and are "known" to have engaged in abusive behavior as students at the top Montreal university call the issue an "open secret."

The requests made by the two groups of university students differ, but the root of the cause remains the same. 

McGill students are calling for an external investigation of the university's handling of the issues and claims made against professors and policy change on sexual violence. 

On the Concordia University side of the coin, they want student voices to be heard in the investigation that is already underway. 

Both universities have come out and said that they have been taking steps to acknowledge the accusations, but clearly, the student bodies feel very differently. 

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