Montreal-Style Deli Opened In New York City (12 Photos)

A little taste from home in The Big Apple.
Montreal-Style Deli Opened In New York City (12 Photos)

If you're ever in New York city and you find yourself wanting a little taste of Montreal, we know the perfect place you can go.

The Mile End Deli.

That's right, it turns out there's actually a Mile End Deli in The Big Apple.

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via @mileenddeli

via @mileenddeli

via @mileenddeli

It seems as though New Yorkers have a passion for Montreal smoked meat, bagels and poutines, because there are actually 2 Mile End Deli's in New York. One in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan.

We hope you enjoyed your lunch, Mr Prime Minister, @JustinTrudeau.

— Mile End Deli (@mileenddeli) March 17, 2016

The coolest part about it is that the menu actually features tributes to some other Montreal's other iconic restaurants, including:

  • An homage to Beautys
  • A classic Wilensky
  • And even the Mish Mash from Cosmo.

Check out Mile End Deli's Website for more information.

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