13 New Summer Fashion Trends That Are Taking Over Montreal

#5 Matching top and skirt set.
13 New Summer Fashion Trends That Are Taking Over Montreal

This summer, be prepared for a change in street style. We must say goodbye to the ever so popular maxi dresses and rompers that we've come to know and love. New trends are making headway into our stores, and soon, will take over our closets. I'm loving the juxtaposition of styles happening in the world of fashion. On one end, everything is leaning towards the extreme side of boho, and on the other end, we see the emergence of styles relative to that of a 50's housewife. So whether you're clinging to one end of the spectrum or find yourself somewhere in the middle, sit back, scroll, and enjoy the trends that are taking over Montreal.

1. Lace-Up Sandals

These take gladiators to the next level. The lace-up sandals will amp up any outfit you decide to wear this summer. Just be wary of the sun, they'll give you some crazy tan lines if you're not careful.

2. Gypsy Tops

I'm super happy these shirts are coming back in style. Our shoulders don't get enough love if you ask me. These tops are great for festivals, or those humid ass days, when you don't want anything clinging to your body.

Photo cred - zkkoo / diana212m / vogue

3. Shift Dresses

An easy and carefree silhouette. It's a sexier, more sophisticated take on the baby doll dress, which blew up the racks last summer.

4. Wide Legged Pants / Culottes

Any pant that can be mistaken for a skirt is cool in my book. I like my clothing to always keep people guessing.

5. Matching Top And Skirt Set

This look is very polished and old fashioned in nature, but I like it. It's also an outfit that looks like it took a lot of effort to put together, when really, it's as easy as throwing on a sundress.

6. Printed Midi-Skirts

You wanna feel like Audrey Hepburn? Throw one of these bad boys on, that's all it takes.

7. Head Scarves

I don't know about you, but the summer heat really does a number on my hair. So, I like to have options when it comes to fixing a bad hair day. A messy bun can only go so far. Enter the head scarf. Not only is it a colourful way to fix any frizz issues, it also has the ability to change the entire vibe of any outfit you wear.

Photo cred - sty.lk / christian personal finance / solielblue

8. Yellow

Just yellow. Don't ask me why.

9. Jumpsuits

The 70's counterpart to the romper. Jumpsuits incorporate the modern wide legged pant, with the original hippy dippy connotation of the piece. Add some cool shades and you might as well be Janis Joplin.

10. Slip-Ons

These shoes have made a speedy comeback, and I can see why. While I'm not a huge fan of the style, I do have to give it the practicality factor. If any of you are planning on going to a music festival, keep a pair of these in your bag for when your "cool" shoes start to hurt your feet.

11. Tomboy Chic

This look is the love child of the Sports Luxe trend meeting the resurgence of 90's grunge. There is a lot of denim, Nikes, and baseball caps presented in a sleek, modern light. Think Party of Five meets Vogue.

12. Monochrome

When in doubt, keep it black and white. Keeping a look to only one colour, is simple, classy, and fresh af. If you're really not a pattern person, this trend will be your saviour.

Photo cred - granacadore / huffingtonpost / harveybee / ciararichardson

13. Power Clashing

This last one is for all you people who REALLY like patterns, and should not be attempted by the faint of heart. Urban Dictionary defines power clashing as "combining clothing items that according to style etiquette do not go together. Doing this as a powerful figure will result in people unquestionably approving your fashion sense, and taking you in higher esteem." This style has been slowly creeping into the world of fashion for the past couple of years, and I believe summer 2015 will be its time to shine.

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