Montreal Summer Festivals Are Preparing For Terrorist Attacks

Something we have to live with.
Montreal Summer Festivals Are Preparing For Terrorist Attacks

With so many terrorist attacks happening around the world lately, it's no surprise that the city of Montreal is a little nervous considering how many large public events are taking place in the city this summer.

That's why the Montreal Police has issued a document with recommendations and preventative measures to make the city's outdoor venues safer. 

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Last year in Nice a terrorist crashed a 19 tonne cargo truck into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, killing 86 peopleand injuring 434 others. Since then, there have been similar attack in London, Berlin, and Stockholm.

The police want the city to install large concrete blocks to protect pedestrian areas, which would eventually be replaced with retractable hydraulic poles.

The rest of the recommendations include avoiding metal fencing, implementing emergency evacuation plans, and installing some infrastructure to secure the sites. 


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