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Montreal Summer Jobs Where You Can Work Outside

Get paid to sail, save animals & get a tan.

Yes Montreal, it is true, summer is definitely approaching. We’ve all begun to take off our layers and seasonal defective disorder is wearing off. We all know when the weather gets warmer, it’s time for us to put away our books and start looking for summer jobs. If you’ve been following our multiple job articles, then you’ll know that employers have been looking since February. So it’s time to get on your job hunting hats and look for something good, before it’s too late. Since it’s going to be a beautiful summer, so we wanted to offer y’all ten jobs where you can make money out in the sunshine!

1. Sailing Instructor

What better way to spend the summer than on the water? This job requires an instructor to teach 6 – 14 year olds how to sail at the Hermitage Club’s day camp! Can you say swanky? Click here for their contact info to apply!

2. Landscape Help

If you like to wile the warm days away playing in the dirt, say no more. This landscaping job is going to be your dream come true. This post was found on the Concordia job site, but if you're not a student there, no worries. Email to hand in your CV!

3 .Councelors For Day Camp

You like kids? You wanna spend all your time with them? Well, okay. Champions day camp is not only looking for general counselors but also baseball and tennis instructors. Head on over to HOJO to check it out, or check out their website.

4. Lifeguard

What’s a more classic than working the summer as a lifeguard? Answer? Nothing. Get your bikini ready and email!

5. Publice Awareness Agent

If you’re looking to help out a good cause, then the Society for the Protection of Animals wants you. They need dedicated employees to encourage people to sign petitions, and educate the public on their cause. Yeah you’ll have to do a lot of research, but the job has a great team and you’ll get to spend your days in the sun!

6. House Painters

Manual labour jobs have the potential to be really fun if you got a good crew. This company is looking for sociable and energetic individuals to join their house painting team.

7. Maintenence Crew

I mean, if you garden already, why not get paid for it?

8. Newspaper Carriers

For those who want to make a lot of money for little effort, this job sounds pretty perfect. You hand out copies of multiple papers six days a week. That’s it. All you need is a bike and the energy to wake up early.

9. Canvasser

Another easy job for you. All that this job requires is posting flyers in residential areas. No sweat right?

10. Swimming Pool Care

Since swimming pool season is upon us, there needs to be people to take care of them. This job seems amazing for people who don’t mind doing a little extra work for a much bigger buck!

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