Montreal Tattoo Artist Accused Of Sexually Assaulting His Clients

A West Island Tattoo artist named Rowan Mckenzie was accused and subsequently convicted of sexual assault a young woman when she was 15 inside of his tattoo shop back it 2005.

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The shop was located on Sources Boulevard in the West Island.  The man in question also pleaded guilty for engaging in sexual acts with minors in his shop in 2013.

In an interview with the Montreal Gazette, one of the more recent victims went public with her story. Using Facebook as a vehicle to spread word of her experience with the shop owner. 

In the interview, she explains that the "boutique was known as a popular hangout for troubled teens" and that "he used it to his advantage" to get closer to young women who were going through a difficult time.

Currently, Mckenzie re-opened his tattoo shop under a different name and in a new location in a strip mall on St-Jean Boulevard. 

When the man pleaded guilty back in February, lawyers representing both parties we're unable to come to a consensus on the appropriate sentence. As a result, Mackenzie was allowed to stay free until he is sentenced in May

The charges that Mckenzie pleaded guilty requites  a mandatory minimum jail-time of 90-days, the maximum sentence being 2-years.

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