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Montreal Taxi Drivers Are Allegedly Robbing Your Bank Account If You Pay By Debit

This morning it seems like everything in the news is about Montreal Taxis. They're having a protest today, they also plan on protesting and ruining F1 weekend and they're even falling asleep while they're driving clients home.

But the story that enrages me the most has to be the horror story that happened to this Montrealer last Saturday morning.

At about 1:45 am this person hailed a cab in the Old Port of Montreal. The taxi driver said that he can only accept debit cards because he was out of change.

Not too bad, considering they usually hate accepting cards.

But it turns out this cab drivers wasn't just out giving rides to people that night, he was out hunting for debit cards.

The passenger handed a card to the taxi driver and was given a different random debit card that belonged to someone else.

The passenger then put the card away without looking, at it (as any of us would) and went home.

The next day, the passenger went to buy a coffee only to discover the PIN on the card wasn't working. That's when it became obvious it wasn't the right card.

Shortly after, the passenger got a call from the bank saying there was usual activity on their bank account. Apparently the entire account was emptied at 4:00 am using the correct PIN.

That means the taxi driver planned this ahead of time to make sure he managed to obtain both the card and the PIN as well.

According to the original post, the matter is currently being investigated by the police.

Just a reminder to everyone out there, always take a picture of the taxi's license when you step into a cab. And the next time a taxi driver tells you they can only accept debit cards because they have no change, either get out and take another taxi or make damn sure you're getting your own debit card back.

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