Montreal Taxi Drivers Are Saying F*ck You To The City And YOU!

If there ever was a reason for Uber to stay this is it.
Montreal Taxi Drivers Are Saying F*ck You To The City And YOU!

Last night a tragedy happened, I took a taxi.

It wasn't my fault. I came out of a restaurant and there were 3 taxis right in front of me. I still checked Uber but the nearest car was 5 minutes away.

I know I pledged never to take a taxi again, but I figured I lived without Uber for so long, taking one taxi won't kill me.

Although taking a taxi almost killed this woman and her boyfriend.

I stepped into the smelliest, dirtiest cab in the world. I don't know what that smell was, but it seemed like a combination of air freshener and diarrhea. The seats were stained, the floor had an old kleenex box that had been stepped on several times. There were even remnants of an old news paper that was clearly used as a winter floormat.

When I got home I asked to pay with a debit card and the driver looked at at me like I was crazy.

"You don't have cash" he said.

As if I should feel guilty about not carrying cash. But luckily since the new laws went into effect on January 1st, all the taxis are required to accept cards, so in the end the driver had no choice.

But that wasn't the only rule that went into effect that day.

There a few other rules that were meant to "improve" the taxi industry.

I decided to pull those rules out just to see if that taxi driver, and any other taxi me and my friends have taken since January were respecting the new rules.

Opening Doors

The old law said that taxi drivers must open doors for the elderly and pregnant women. But the rule makes this apply to anyone who calls a cab (not for those who hail a cab). I've called 3 cabs since January 1st and not once did they open the door for me.

Dress Code

Remember how they said taxi drivers were going to be getting uniforms? Then they changed the rule and said they had to wear black pants and a clean white t-shirt. Now tell me, have you ever seen a cab driver dressed this way? Think about it. Because I certainly haven't.

Electronic Payment

So far so good. I must say it seems like all taxis accept electronic payment. You have to give credit where credit is due. However I still get harassed to pay with cash, to accept flat-fee rides for cash and when I don't have cash to pay, the driver usually looks at me as if I had just committed a crime.

Security Cameras

That's right, all the taxis also had to get Cameras in the cabs. Have you ever seen one? Maybe they're hiding them really well. Maybe it's a spycam embedded directly into the headrest. Or maybe they just didn't bother with that rule.

It's no surprise, after all when the new rules came out, one of the first comments coming from a taxi drivers was: "I will never apply any of the new rules."

It's especially infuriating considering how they're constantly saying that the government should enforce the rules when it comes to Uber.

But meanwhile, they're pretty much saying "Fuck you" to the new laws and to all of us.

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