Montreal Taxi Drivers Are Now Dressing Up As Police Officers

Time to play "cabbie or cop?"
Montreal Taxi Drivers Are Now Dressing Up As Police Officers

Lets play a game (no, this isn't a creepy Saw setup) called "cabbie or cop?" The rules are simple, just say whether you think a person is a taxi driver or an SPVM officer based on their attire.

Now, normally, there wouldn't be much of a challenge to the game, but thanks to a new fashion trend overtaking the cab driver community, "cabbie or cop?" just got a bit more difficult.

Taking inspiration from the Montreal police force's pension-protest-fashion, some taxi drivers are donning the outfit that's recently become synonymous with law enforcement in Montreal, namely army camo pants, red hats, and a black top.

Global News journalist Kelly Greig discoveredthis new protest-outfit, called out from the closet by cab drivers as a new way to disprove of Uber. Because nothing brings people over to your cause like the perfect outfit.

How many cab drivers are actually sporting the red-hat-camo-pants-combo remains to be seen, but Hassoun Kattoua (who calls himself the "Taxi-Sheriff" for lord knows what reason) is leading the trend. Kattoua even went as far as making his own anti-Uber red cap, pictured in the tweet below.

But while the outfit is now iconic of Montreal's police force, it may not translate so well to the city's taxi fleet, namely because it's kind of a criminal offence.

Essentially, by dressing up in the same style as police officers, cab drivers are breaking a rule in the Criminal Code that stipulates how no one may falsely represent her/himself as a public officer, as pointed out by defence lawyer Philip Schneider.

Don't worry, you don't stand to get in any trouble if you mistake a cabbie for a cop, which honestly could happen if more taxi drivers take up this new form of protest. But hey, at least they're not blocking traffic.

A new protest look for some Montreal taxi drivers inspired by city workers. Would you think this is a cabbie or cop?

— Kelly Greig (@KellyGreig) March 24, 2016

Kattoua designed and made the red baseball caps by hand. It's anti-#Uber chic.

— Kelly Greig (@KellyGreig) March 24, 2016

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