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Montreal Taxi Drivers Promising 25% Off Rides When You Use an OPUS Card

Don’t have quite enough cash on you to cover your cab ride? No sweat, just whip out your Opus card and you’ll get 25% the total fare. 

That is, at least, what some Montreal taxi drivers are promising. 

A special Opus card reduced rate has been initiated by Montreal’s “taxi sheriff” Hassan Kattoua, a way for traditional taxi drivers to lure in clientele and survive against Uber. 

The founder of “Cowboys versus Uber,” Kattoua has used his Twitter account to publicize a special reduced fair for Opus card holders and anyone with a valid student ID. 

“Hail a cab while holding your opus or student id card and ask for a 25% discount with any cab in the city” said Kattoua in a tweet sent out last night. 

Hail a cab while holding your opus or student id card and ask for a 25% discount with any cab in the city....It is that easy

October 10, 2017

The idea is to attract more students or individuals who may not normally be able to afford a cab ride, thus increasing business for drivers. 

Not that this is a widespread practice among all taxi drivers that customers can really enforce. 

When speaking to TVA, Kattoua did say that it’s up to the individual driver to say whether or not the OPUS card discount applies. 

Drivers who do offer the reduced fair could actually get into some trouble, too. Offering a promotion that isn’t approved by any formal organization, like the Montreal taxi bureau, could get drivers fined anywhere from $300 to $900. 

Even the STM kind of discouraged the initiative, with a spokesperson saying that cab drivers should really speak with the transit authority before turning the Opus card into a promotional item. 

But hey, if you happen to be in a cab, busting out your Opus card and asking for a cheaper fare can’t hurt. Best case scenario: you get 1/4 of your bill taken off. Worst case is just pay the regular fare, which isn’t all that awful a consequence for taking a cab. 

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