Montreal Taxis Will Block The Bridges To Protest Uber

There's gonna be a a lot of p!ssed off people tomorrow.
Montreal Taxis Will Block The Bridges To Protest Uber

This is the story that just won't go away and I'm getting sick and tired of explaining the details so I'll just summarize it like this:

Uber good - Taxi angry. 

So angry, that they are threatening to hold a protest tomorrow by blocking Montreal's bridges and launching a class action lawsuit against the government unless Phillip Couillard stops UberX from operating in Montreal.

The spokesperson for the group organizing the protest said that if this doesn't work, the next steps will be much worse and things could get very heated in the Fall. What a great strategy to get the people of Montreal on your side.

They didn't mention what exactly they would do but in the past we've seen them blocking streets and even organizing anti-Uber squads to egg cars and harass drivers. So who knows what fun ideas they'll come up with this time.


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