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Montreal Teen Sensation Brittany Kwasnik Sings To The Whole "City" In Her New Music Video

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Montreal Teen Sensation Brittany Kwasnik Sings To The Whole "City" In Her New Music Video

It seems just like yesterday when Brittany Kwasnik released a new video “Across the Ocean” almost a year ago last November in what seemed like a two-year hiatus after her first CD. The first CD had followed that great first song “ Breathe” which went viral  picking up 37,000 views during the first week and earned her national appearances on Canada AM and The National on CBC.

That last video is now almost at 11,000 views of this posting and it was a preview of her second CD “The Covers and the Sheets” which has garnered some critical acclaim. Brittany was back and the CD was launched at a sold-out gig at The Belmont in June and now a second video with track no.2 “City” having been chosen.

Why was that track chosen?  “I thought visually, a video for this song would really bring it to life! I wanted to capture the beauty of Montreal, as it is the city that inspired the line "If I was a city, you would be my lights". As I was writing the song, I was thinking about the night-time skyline of Montreal, specifically from the view on top of Mount Royal. The lights from that view of the city, at night, are so powerful and breathtaking,” stated Brittany in an email interview.

The video was shot on the first Saturday of October on a chilly and windy evening which made the evening feel a bit long to which Brittany also added, “We began to shoot around seven in evening, and I got home around two in the morning! Although it was lots of fun to shoot, I really wish I had considered wearing something with a few more layers for some of the shots!”

The video was shot in the center part of the city from a Griffintown rooftop to walking scenes along St. Catherine Street which was a challenge with all the walkers and having to avoid them staring into the camera.

It’s been somewhat of a busy year for Brittany. A new CD, a headlining charity gig at Club Soda, a nice amount of concerts in and out of town, her first local TV appearance on Global TV with radio interviews also in and out of town, and two videos. And there are several ongoing discussions happening for potential National TV appearances and being an opening act for several big names which we can’t divulge at this time.

Along with her growing positive comments for her live shows, it has been said in some quarters that Brittany is poised to potentially become the first female superstar recording star from Montreal joining the ranks of past and current luminaries who have became household names from Kim,Vannelli, and Pagliaro, to Hart and April Wine, and now current names like Arcade Fire and Sam Roberts.

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