Montreal's STM Buses Were Being Really Awesome This Morning

Gotta give credit where credit is due.
Montreal's STM Buses Were Being Really Awesome This Morning

This morning Montreal woke up to 10cm of snow and some freezing drizzle. On a day like today your social media news feeds are likely plastered with people complaining about the STM bus and metro service, however something very interesting happened this morning.

The STM buses were actually being super awesome.

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When everything goes right with Montreal’s transit system, we don't usually, but when things go wrong, all Hell breaks loose. So I wanted to take the time and acknowledge one of those moments where the STM's buses drivers were being particularly awesome. 

This morning I hopped on an express bus, and after a few stops a car pulled up to the side of the bus and told the driver that one of the wheels had a flat tire.

The bus driver knew that most of the passengers usually get off 3 blocks away, so instead of kicking everyone off; he waited and drove 3 blocks further before he pulled over to call for a tow-truck.

Most of the people on the bus didn't notice since they were getting off anyways, but even those of us who travelling further didn't have much to complain about because, the driver had conveniently  pulled over on a corner that offered several nearby bus alternatives. 

Less than 2 minutes later I was on board another bus that was going to take me just 1 block short of my normal stop, which was already pretty convenient. 

That’s when things got really awesome.

The driver’s shift was almost over and he noticed there were only 4 of us on the bus. So he told us that he could drop us off pretty much anywhere we wanted along his route. 

He dropped us all off one-by-one at the street corners we requested, like giant private taxi.

Best of all, when he finally dropped me off at my stop, I looked at my phone and noticed I had actually arrived early!

So thank you STM bus drivers, you can be really awesome sometimes.        

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