Montreal To Allegedly Build Downtown Hotel Out Of Old STM Metro Cars

Prochaine station: Ton Lit.
Montreal To Allegedly Build Downtown Hotel Out Of Old STM Metro Cars

It seems like every day someone submits a new project idea to recycle the old STM  metro cars, but this one might be the coolest.

One project wanted to incorporate the cars into a new metro station that would also house apartments.

Another wanted to build an art gallery.

The STM also tried selling them to the public for $750 and we had 10 suggestions of our own.

Yesterday we mentioned the above ground metro MADE of old metros which is probably the smartest idea so far.

But now we might have found the prettiest and coolest project.

A Hotel.

But this isn't just any hotel. This would be a 330-room hotel-museum where the rooms are built inside the metro cars. And did I mention the cars would actually be sitting on rails?

The entire building is encased in glass and every floor of the building represents a different era or milestone in the STM's history.

So as you ride up the glass elevator, it will feel like you're being transported through time.

This project is the brainchild of Le BV Design who want the project to be functional as well as aesthetic.

Every room and floor of the hotel will have a unique design theme inspired by the artwork of our actual metro stations.

I just hope that your room will be themed after Champ de Mars rather than Joliette.

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