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Montreal To Ban You From Smoking Marijuana In Your Own Home

It's a civil rights issue.
Montreal To Ban You From Smoking Marijuana In Your Own Home

Smoking marijuana is so common place in Montreal that it's easy to forget it's still illegal.

But there's a problem, many people smoke weed inside their apartments even when the building itself is non-smoking, and landlord are getting sick of it.

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A lobby group that represents Montreal landlords has decided to crack down on the tenants who break these rules.

Their solution is to include a new clause to lease agreements that would specifically forbid people from smoking weed in their apartments, not just cigarettes.

Right now, it seems useless since marijuana is illegal, so it's implied that you can't smoke weed it in your apartment. But since the rules of marijuana might change in the next few years, this new clause may be necessary.

However, considering how many people smoke weed in my apartment building, I'm not looking forward to the day my landlord starts knocking on my door every night trying to figure out which apartment "that smell" is coming from. becuase how else are you supposed to control this?

Until they figure out how to enforce this properly without violating everyone right's, maybe they should leave it alone.


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