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Montreal To Be Granted "Special City Status"

Quebec gives Montreal more freedom.
Montreal To Be Granted "Special City Status"

No one would deny the claim that Montreal is more than a tad bit different from any other city/region in Quebec. And yet, Montreal is still governed by provincial powers and regulations that might mesh with the city's cosmopolitan makeup.

But this year will change all that, as Montreal is going to gain a fair bit of independence from Quebec's provincial leaders when it is granted a "special metropolitan status."

Announced after Friday's meeting between Martin Coiteux (Quebec's Municipal Affairs and Montreal-region Minister) and Denis Coderre, the proposed change in governing powers will grant Montreal more autonomy when making decisions, reports Global News.

Or, in other words, the city will be able to go ahead with projects and municipal changes without needing the "ok" from the province.

Specifically pointed out as examples, with the special metropolis status Montreal will be able to to better manage its own finances/expenses and have more control over new infrastructure construction projects and the acquisition of new sources of income.

Granted, a lot of that is pretty vague and unclear, so how much power Montreal gains exactly remains to be seen. But still, Quebec's provincial leaders recognizing the need for Montreal to have more general independence is definitely a step in the right direction.

And a more autonomus Montreal will only benefit the province as a whole. As Denis Coderre puts it, Montreal is "the locomotive of Quebec...and it's important and imperative to have the tools to work with."

An exact date as to when Montreal will officially become a special status city was not revealed, both Coderre and Coiteux were confident it would happen sometime this year.

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