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Montreal To Be Hit By Freezing Rain Storm Today

Things are going to be icy out there.
Montreal To Be Hit By Freezing Rain Storm Today

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If you thought the skies looked particularly gloomy and foreboding over Montreal this morning, there's a good reason, although the use of "good" could be put up to debate. Issued by Environment Canada, a freezing rain warning is currently in effect for the Montreal island area, so expect the city to be slippery.

According to the alert, "a weather system will give intermittent freezing rain this morning along the Outaouais River and the St Lawrence River" with "all areas...affected by freezing precipitation during this morning's rush hour."

Officially, freezing rain warnings are "issued when rain falling in sub-zero temperatures creates ice build-up and icy surfaces," creating the worst of driving conditions, so please do pay heed and drive a little slower this morn on your way to work/school.

Slightly warmer temperatures have made this weather warning a rain warning, and not a snow situation, which is a little better. Normally no snow would be a grander silver lining, but when said rain instantly turns to ice that will cause you to slip on the sidewalk and look like a fool, snow may be the better alternative.

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