Montreal To Be Hit With 10cm Of Heavy Snow Today

Now THIS is an April Fool's joke...
Montreal To Be Hit With 10cm Of Heavy Snow Today

Montreal can expect some special weather today, with Environment Canada warning of 10 cm of heavy snow expected to fall this afternoon and into this evening.

Just when we thought we were moving into those nice Spring days, Mother Nature has decided to hit us with a big dose of winter, just so we don't forget who is in charge here.

Several other parts of Quebec are also under a Snowfall warning from Environment Canada. In particular, Lachute, Lanaudière, Laurentians, Pontiac, Upper Gatineau, Lièvre, and Papineau.

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TL;DR Montreal can expect up to 10cm of snow this afternoon, adding to the ice that is already covering much of the city. Other parts of Quebec can expect up to 15cm, and are under a Snowfall Warning issued by Environment Canada.

This morning we're seeing a mix of snow and rain, and according to The Weather Network, we can expect this mixed precipitation into the afternoon.

That's when things get fun.

There's a 90% chance of precipitation this afternoon and with temperatures hovering around zero and the windchill leaving the air feeling like -4° the snow is bound to start falling. 

This is bad news for trees and other structures that are already covered in a layer of ice from our little ice storm yesterday.

In fact, that little ice storm has left thousands of Hydro-Quebec customers without power today, causing the closure of several school boards.

The snow is expected to start this afternoon and continue into the evening. Then, tonight as the temperature continues to drop, The Weather Network is forecasting "freezing drizzle." Fun!

Tomorrow should continue to be interesting, too, as temperatures linger below zero. This could mean very dangerous road conditions for the morning commute, as the snow and freezing drizzle solidify into ice. 

There are "wet flurries" expected for Wednesday afternoon, as well.

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