Montreal To Be Hit With Brutal, Record Breaking Snowstorms This Winter

I have some good news for those who love winter sports...

...and some slightly less pleasant news for those who can't stand the snow.

This winter is going to be challenging to say the least.

In the last few years, Montreal's been pretty spoiled when it comes to winter weather, which is probably why this year will seem more brutal than usual.

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After all, the recent winters have been short, warm, and relatively snow-free.

We barely had any snowstorms at all.

But this year, we're about to get more than we bargained for.

The ski season is predicted to be much better and snowier than last year according to Accuweather.

That's because we're going to have a very stormy winter season. Especially during January and February, which will lead to much more significant snowfalls and snowstorms across Quebec.

We consulted the Old Farmer's Almanac to see if they predicted the same thing, and it turns out they agree. The next two months are pretty much filled with rain, flurries, storms and cold weather.

But here's the big problem.

Rain falls are expected to continue throughout November when temperatures will be below 0°C, meaning there will be increasing risk of ice rain.

Photo cred - Accuweather

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