Montreal To Beat All-Time Heat Record

Summer weather in February.
Montreal To Beat All-Time Heat Record

It's being called The Montreal Heatwave, for the last few fays the entire city has seen temperatures above zero, sometimes up to 7°C, and it's not going away any time soon. 

Actually it's going to get hotter, a lot hotter. 

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In fact this Saturday Montreal is expected to beat the all time heat record, which was set 61 years ago. 

The last temperature record for February 25th was in 1956 where it was 9°C. 

But this weekend, we are going annihilate it by up to 4°C. 

The Weather Network is reporting that Saturday's temperature could rise up to 13°C, which is huge considering The average temperature at this time of year is closer to -3°C. 

But that doesn't mean winter is completely over, next week looks pretty warm too, but after the weather will be back to normal. 


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