Montreal To Become The World's Smartest City By 2017

Thanks to Montreal's Bureau de la Ville intelligente.
Montreal To Become The World's Smartest City By 2017

Photo cred - Martin Ujlaki

Montreal will be the smartest city in the entire world by 2017. Well, that's at least the goal of Harout Chitilian and Montreal's newly created Bureau de la Ville intelligente.

The creation of the new municipal office was proposed during Denis Coderre's election campaign and has been granted a budget of $400,000.

Chitilian's goal is to fully modernize Montreal and propel the city into a digital revolution. To do so, Chitilian will orient the Bureau de la Ville intelligente to focus/improve on Montreal's:

  • Data sharing networks
  • Web platform development
  • Wireless networks (creation of and efficiency)
  • Transport and environment managing systems

No specific projects have been released (other than these broad initiatives) and the BdVI's only real goal is to improve Montreal's smart city ranking, so we'll have to wait and see exactly how Chitilian goes about modernizing Montreal.

How do you think Montreal could become "smarter?"

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