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Montreal To Break Record When It Hosts Biggest European Car Show Ever In Canada This Weekend

This weekend, you'll want to hit up Eurokracy.
Montreal To Break Record When It Hosts Biggest European Car Show Ever In Canada This Weekend

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The finest wheels and rides are gathering in Montreal this Saturday for Eurokracy, Canada's largest European automotive event. Eurokracy will be a solid showcase of all things cool about cars and has some sweet features that'll appeal to you whether you're a car lover or not.

Cars and people of every sort will gather at Napierville Dragway (map) on Saturday, June 28th, for a full day of competitions, events, and parties.

There's a lot in store for you at Eurokracy, with tons to do even if your not that into cars. You probably will be into the automotive-scene by the end of the day anyway.

Here's a breakdown of the sweet stuff you can look forward to:

  • The Pre-Party: Before you head to Eurokracy, get a 'lil crazy the night before at the epic pre-party hosted at Muzique. Get all the info here.
  • The Neckbreaker: This is the world’s first and only closed circuit low-car competition. See cars modded with air suspensions and coilovers scrape under limbo posts and around obstacles to become the crowd
  • 1/4 Mile Drag Races: Probably your only shot at coming anywhere near real-life Fast & The Furious.
  • Show & Shine: An event all about showing off your wheels. Even if you don't think you got the best ride around, you mine as well enter, as all contestants will get VIP treatment at the pre-party and plenty of swag
  • Free Prizes: VIAIR 444c Dual Pack air suspension compressors, $500 in VIP Esthetik car detailing, a Unitronic ECU upgrade, and more will be drawn.
  • Exclusive Exhibitions: Foreign manufactures are heading to Eurokracy (and Canada) for the first time, meaning you'll have first dibs on all their wares.

Other than all that (which is already pretty enticing) the community will be a big reason to head to Eurokracy. You'll be able to meet, chat, and even race against car-enthusiasts, or if you're totally not into the scene, you can experience how the other half lives.

For all the details and info, head to the Eurokracy FB page. In the meantime, enjoy the promo video below.