Montreal To China On One Train In The Works

Innovative new project spanning 13,000km.
Montreal To China On One Train In The Works

Photo cred - Michael Berry

One trip, from Montreal to Beijing, with sections traveled underground, all done in the span of a couple of days. Sounds impossible, yes, but China wants to make it happen.

A train is how China sees the feat being accomplished, or to be more exact, a 13, 000km high-speed railway that starts in Beijing, goes north into Russia through an underground tunnel, then heads to America, then Canada, and ends at an unspecified location. And the whole shebang would only take 2-3 days if the train does travel at the promised speed of 350km/h.

Montreal could be last stop on the aptly named "China-Russia-Canada-America line," at least according to Le Devoir's speculation. No statement from Canadian or Montreal officials has been released on the topic, but China does plan on line entering Canada, so Montreal isn't off the table.

No other nations involved seem to be on board, at least in no official capacity, so this could just be a railway dream for China. Still, China is willing to pay for the project and all countries involved stand to gain major tourist and trade boons, so the Beijing to Montreal super train really could happen.

A timetable for the project isn't out, and proposals to nations are still in the works, so more updates to come on this ambitious train iniative. Fingers crossed it won't cost an arm and a leg to shoot over to China real quick.

Will Beijing-Montreal train happen?

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