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Montreal To Experience Its Last "Real" Summer Weekend Of 2016

'You're gonna miss me when I'm gone. - Summer'
Montreal To Experience Its Last "Real" Summer Weekend Of 2016

I know you feel it too Montreal.

The weather is changing, the air smells different, and the mornings are starting to feel a tiny bit chillier.

Summer is officially ending in only 1 month on September 22nd, but as you know, the weather doesn't give a fuck about your calendar.

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So if you want to take advantage of the warm weather, you'd better get out there soon because the last summer weekend is here and it'll be gone before you know it.

In fact it's the last day we'll see above 30°C until next year.

We might still get a few warm days in August, but September is going to be a lot colder than usual.

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There won't be a single day above 23°C for the entire month of September.

So if you love summer and are dreading winter, get out there and soak up as much sun and heat as you can because before you know it you'll be shoveling snow and scrapping ice.

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