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Montreal To Finally Get The Red Ball Project

The biggest reddest ball you ever will see.
Montreal To Finally Get The Red Ball Project

Photo Cred - Journal Métro

A big, huge red ball is coming to Montreal. Not just any random red ball, but the red ball, from the worldwide artistic initiative The Red Ball Project by Kurt Perschke.

Stopping around the world, The Red Ball Project is all about re-engaging citizens with their city on a new level. As the title would suggest, the art project involves a large red ball being placed at specific sites in a city (usually of a landmarks) to make people look at the area in a whole new way, or to make them notice a spot ordinarily overlooked.

Montreal will become one of  many Red Ball cities (Paris, Abu Dhabi, California, and Toronto to name a few) by the end of the summer. Look out for that big red ball once August hits, and find out more info on the art project on the official website and FB page.

The only question that remains is: where will the red ball be in Montreal? We know the ball will run a circuit throughout the city, but the exact locations aren't set in stone. A short video of Perschke's sketchbook reveals some likely candidates, as does his twitter feed. With those in mind, and our own ideas, here's where the red ball should be placed in Montreal.

  • Quartier des Spectacles - All but confirmed, as Journal Métro let us know.
  • Théâtre Maisonneuve - Another candidate mentioned by Métro, and Place des Arts is a fitting locale
  • James McGill Statue - Strathcona theatre was mentioned by Perschke, but we think the short 'n stubby statue would look better with a huge red ball right next to it.
  • La Banquise - Tweets revealed Perschke went to the poutinerie, and none of the clientele would even bat an eye.
  • Chinatown - Bang Pho New York was a stop on Perschke's MTL-journey, so if not the resto, why not the gates leading into Chinatown?
  • Mount Royal Cross - A giant red ball looming over the city, that would just be epic.
  • Notre-Dame Basilica - The old church could use some new colour
  • Schwartz's - Tourists and citizens already line up for the smoked meat, why not weird 'em out with a giant red ball?
  • Olympic Tower - Sure it'd kind of look like a lollipop, but the tower could use the extra flair
  • Orange Julep - Think of the symmetry of a enormous red ball and the iconic Orange Julep orange.

Where do you think the red ball should go?

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