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Montreal To Get 20cm Snowstorm This Weekend

This week the patience of everyone in Montreal will be put to the test. We may be halfway through April but it feels like we're still stuck in winter.

On Tuesday April 11th The Weather Network predicted that Quebec was going to be hit with a 30cm snowstorm and some ice rain, but there was a chance that Montreal could be spared.

Via theweathernetwork

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Now it looks like we won't be so lucky.

Environment Canada has issueda winter storm alert for Montreal, Laval, Châteauguay, La Prairie, Longueuil and Varennes.

The only funny part about all this is that they refer to it as "An ACTUAL winter storm for Sunday and Monday". Just in case we thought they were exaggerating.


The only hope we have is that the snow will quickly change to freezing rain.

After all, the weather is supposed to get a lot warmer next week so even if we do get 20cm of snow on the weekend it will likely melt away pretty quickly.

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