Montreal To Get 4cm Of Snow And Ice Rain This Weekend

Good bye fall, hello winter.
Montreal To Get 4cm Of Snow And Ice Rain This Weekend

The weather is all over the place lately in Montreal and sadly we can expect more of the same this week.

Over the weekend the temperature jumped by 20 degrees in 1 day, taking us from -5°C on Friday to almost 15°C on Saturday.

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This week, we're expecting 10 degree weather jumps, hot rainy days, and cold sunny days, which makes absolutely makes no sense.

But the worst news is that this weekend we'll likely be seeing the first real snowflakes of the year.

We're expecting "mixed precipitation" and according to the Weather Network, Montreal could be seeing up to 3cm of snow on Saturday and another 1cm on Sunday.

Via theweathernetwork

According to Accuweather, we might only be seeing 1cm of snow and the rest will fall as ice rain.

We’re hoping The Weather Network is right because I think we can all agree that we'd rather deal with a few snowflakes rather than ice rain.

Via accuweather

Luckily there aren’t any snowstorms in the forecast for at least the next two weeks so it's looks like we' won't be needing our winter boots for a while.

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