Montreal To Get A 500,000 Tulip Festival This Spring

You get a tulip, and you get a tulip - tulips for everyone!
Montreal To Get A 500,000 Tulip Festival This Spring

Ottawa has, hands down, some of the prettiest manicured flower pots and landscaping in the country.

The Canadian Tulip festival in our nation's capital happens annually in May and is known internationally.

I have spent lots of time living across Canada, and I can say that the money and effort spent keeping that city pleasing to the eye is unlike any other.

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But now Montreal will have its very own Tulip Festival!

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The Quebec Tulip Festival has Ottawa's beat this year, even though our festival will cost you a bit of money to get in.

Festival attendees can come and pick their own tulips for their home gardens! Take that, Ottawa Tulip Festival. We win.

No tools are necessary although they do suggest you bring your own bucket as your tulips will need water to get back home.

Pre-cut tulips will also be sold on site. Wrapping stations are available.

The Quebec Tulip Festival will be starting up this spring, and be open 7 days a week, 9:00 - 7:00 PM.

Admissions will run you $5. For kids under five, it's only $3

Find more information here.

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