Montreal To Get A Giant Downtown To Airport Bike Path

Because people bike to the airport all the time, obviously.
Montreal To Get A Giant Downtown To Airport Bike Path

Photo cred - pascalgauvin

Right now, the Montreal bike path network stands at a decently impressive 600 kilometers. But just give it some time, because the City of Montreal is planning to double the length of its bike network to a full 1, 280kms, with an airport path included, reports The Montreal Gazette.

Officially put in motion by the City of Montreal's executive committee, the proposed plan will install the following new bike paths:

  • A  bike path connecting between Lachine Canal and de Maisonneuve bike paths
  • A bike path connecting St Laurent and the airport
  • A bike path from the Lachine Canal to the airport
  • A bike path connecting the Lachine Canal to Peel & de la Montagne (bike from downtown to the airport, yay?)
  • A few bike paths connecting to Highway 40, from the West Island included

Don't hold on to your bike helmets too hard, though, as the entire plan isn't expected to be completed in at least 12 years, or 15 at the most. But knowing Montreal, this probably all won't go down 'til 2040.

And I couldn't finish this article without pointing out the inherent oddness of creating a series of bike paths that links the city from Peel street to the Lachine Canal all the way to the airport. Yes, it could be a very enjoyable bike ride, but are travelers actually expected to use it? Something about luggage and bikes doesn't fit into my brain too well.