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Montreal To Get Acrobatic Park

Tam Tams slackliners will have a new spot to set up.
Montreal To Get Acrobatic Park

Photo cred - Toshio & Mariano Fuchila

The extreme sports and circus-folk of Montreal will be getting a brand new park outfitted with everything they need to pull off incredible physical feats. Altiplano, a French company, will be building an acrobatic park right by the Olympic Stadium, with the opening date set for this May.

Various structures and obstacles (like a zipline) will be put up for adults and kids alike to play on, with about 24  in total. Journal Métro de Montréal reported the park will be 38, 000 square feet, and will look something like this:

Montreal is the second in a series of expansions Altiplano is making in North America, with 8 more parks planned to be built, five of which will be in Canada.

Given the vast amount of acrobatic-loving people in Montreal (we've seen 'em at Tam Tams) and the Circus-schools of the city, I'm sure the park will be welcomed with open arms and widespread legs...because they're doing stretches to get prepped for aerial maneuvers. Get your heads out of the gutter people.

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