Montreal To Get All-New Above Ground "Bus-Metro" In 2017

Which will come at a very hefty price.
Montreal To Get All-New Above Ground "Bus-Metro" In 2017

Photo Cred - La Presse

The creation of a new bus rapid transit system on Pie-IX Boulevard will cost a grand total of $416.5 million, over 100 million dollars more than the original projected cost, La Presse reports.

A transport file submitted to the City of Montreal last Friday revealed the updated expense. Fortunately, the city itself will only need to cover $100 million with the AMT covering the rest of the tab.

Originally announced in 2009, the new bus rapid transit system should have already been up and running, but as is too often the case, the project got delayed by many a year. Construction on the new bus lanes hasn't even started yet, time will tell if the new 2017 deadline is upheld.

A bus rapid transit system is essentially an above ground metro, a combination of the metro's speed/capacity with the low cost of a bus. Many a Montrealer would be able to get into the city much easier if a BRT were to be completed.

Does Montreal need a BRT system?

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