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Montreal To Get All New Transit Systems?

Proposed transit-changes from Montreal's mayoral hopefuls.
Montreal To Get All New Transit Systems?

Compared to many cities, Montreal has a pretty solid transit system. But, if the recent metro delays/shutdowns have shown us anything its that our fair city's transit is far from perfect. No single solution is evident and clear to repair Montreal's transit infrastructure, but the city's top four mayoral candidates believe they have the solution. Here is a breakdown of each contender's platform to better understand how they hope to change the city's transit system.

Mélanie Joly

Rather than extend or upgrade current bus/metro systems, Joly aims to implement an entirely new way to get around the city. Joly has proposed a new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, using high speed and air conditioned buses between stations and neighborhoods with heavy traffic. Check out the video below, from Joly's campaign website, for a visual representation.

Marcel Côté

Côté, along with Coalition Montreal, is proposing changes for multiple aspects of the transit system, rather than one major focus. The party wants to quickly finish the construction of a BRT system on Pie-IX Blvd, lower speed limits at pedestrian-heavy areas, and create more reserved bus and bike lanes. On another note, Côté recently said how he wants to take out one-third of senior city officials to similarly restructure the municipal system.

Denis Coderre

Coderre hopes to make a 'revolution' of the city's transportation system, initially achieved by making the STM fully assume its role as the city's transport company by integrating BIXI and Parking Montreal into its jurisdiction. Rather than introduce new systems, Coderre believes focus must be paid to existing modes of transportation, especially buses (like adding reserved bus lanes), to improve the city's transit. Read Coderre's full transportation platform here.

Richard Bergeron

Bergeron and Projet Montreal have big plans for the city's transit system, maybe too big. Two major building projects have been outlined in the party's transportation platform: expansion of the Blue, Orange, and Yellow Metro Lines, and the construction of a 37.5 tram-way system. This is in an effort to reduce the use of cars and increase the amount of transit users, but existing city officials say it may cost more money than the party has proposed to create these additions (e.g. $40 million per kilometer vs. $65 million per kilometer for the tram-way system).

Think these are all lofty promises to gain favour and voters? Have a better plan to improve MTL's transit? Let us know in the comments below.

Source - Montreal Gazette

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